Do I Have To Pay a Buyer's Agent Commission?

We set flat fee listings up with a 3% commission to be paid to a buyers’ agent (if applicable) in order to prevent you from getting “black-listed” by buyer’s agents.Some people push back on that and try to offer less, but that is a mistake. The listings that offer less than 3% almost always get “black-listed” by the agents who are showing the homes. Technically, agents aren’t legally allowed to steer like that, but practically speaking, it happens. We have taken over many listings that were listed with other flat fee listing companies, but they did not have any showings because they offered less than 3%. We then listed and sold the homes very quickly when the others failed.
Because we offer 3% on all listings, 85% of our flat-fee listings sell within 40 days (at the time of this writing).
You may want to consider bumping the price of your home by that amount in order to cover that commission.

Do I Have To Pay A Buyer's Agent Commissions If I Find My Own Buyer?

No. No additional fees or commissions are paid if you find your own  buyer.

Do I Have To Pay A Seller's Agent Commissions?

No. You pay a one-time Flat Fee for your MLS Listing By Owner.

What Is The MLS? (Multiple Listing Service)

The MLS is a large database that real estate agents & brokers use to find available homes for qualified buyers. In the past the MLS was all on paper which is why you needed to hire a full service agent to get access to these MLS listed properties. The MLS was not made available to the public.

Nowadays the internet has changed the real estate industry completely. Every single real estate agent has an MLS search on his/hers website. And now it’s easily possible for you to get your property listed on that exact same MLS for a low flat fee.

How Can The MLS Help Sell My Home?

On an hourly basis real estate agents look on the MLS for new listings as they have qualified buyers ready to purchase a home. The majority of all buyers are represented by a real estate agent because it’s completely free to them. And a real estate agents will always start their search on the MLS.

An MLS listing means more offers on your property.

The truth is you can now place an MLS Listing By Owner and not owe a sellers’ agent 3% of your sale price. Please give us a call if you have any questions and we will gladly explain the how you will save thousands and benefit from a Flat Fee MLS Listing By Owner.

What Is the Difference Between a Full Service Listing and a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

With a traditional 6% full-service real estate listing, the listing agreement runs for 6+ months. The problem for you is that the full-service listing agreement is an ‘Exclusive Right to Sell’, which prevents the owner from selling the property “FSBO” during this listing period. With a full-service agreement, the seller has little control over the selling process. Typically, a 6% commission is paid out at closing and shared between the listing and selling agent.

With a Flat Fee MLS listing, the seller doesn’t pay a ‘listing commission’ which is generally half of the 6% equaling 50% of the total commission. With a Flat Fee listing, the agreement is an Exclusive Agency Listing which allows the owner to sell the property as a FOR SALE BY OWNER. The initial flat fee is used as a marketing fee for listing your property on your local MLS, and an extensive host of high volume public websites. With a Flat Fee MLS listing, if a buyer finds your property without the assistance of a real estate agent, then you would pay no commission – to anyone. Your only cost would have been the initial flat fee.